Monday, March 24, 2008

Visions of Fall ~ Cierra’s Thanksgiving Break Cake

Need a cake for idea Thanksgiving?


This should work perfectly.
You can use any cake. EVEN a barely decorated store bought cake (eww).

What You Need:
Melting chocolate or brown candy melts
Leaf shaped sprinkles
Green icing
Roll out cookie dough
Fall cookie cutter set
Piping bag
Wax paper
 Tree template (coming soon)

What You Do:

Bake and frost you cake of choice
Bake your cookies and cover them with fondant

To make the tree...

  - Using the tree template, trace the tree trunk and add branches to the tree on top of wax paper.

- Sprinkle the leaves on the tree while the branches are still wet.

  - Repeat for the half pieces too. 

- Allow them to dry for 2 hours. If they are on a cookie sheet they can be placed them in the refrigerator to speed drying time.

Use the paint brush and the extra melted chocolate to add more chocolate to the two pieces. This will help to hold them together. Repeat the last two steps for the second piece.

Attach the cookies to the side of the cake with a little bit of frosting.
I piped the border with a size 10 round tip.

Eat and enjoy.


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