Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cakes and Pies! Cakes and Pies!

Ok, before I begin this blog, let me give you a little back story. My nana, the one who blessed me with all of my 'crafty-ness', is the one who also taught me how to cook and bake. She was the one everyone called for everything they needed. Well, she is now living on the east coast and I have basiclly picked up where she left off.

Now, with that said, my nana called me the other day asking if I would be willing to make one of her old customers and long time family friends a cake and some pies. One pound cake and 4 sweet potatoe pies to be precise. I have never in my life made a pie. I have not been interested in making any because I don't like pie and I generally don't make things I don't like or would never eat. I tired to wiggle out of it, but she pulled the jedi nana guilt trip on me and I caved.

Here are the pies, she gave me the recipe for both the pies and the cake over the phone and of course I messed up the pies. I mixed everything together, got it in the pans, had to of them in the oven half way done, and I realized ... I forgot the eggs. I had to pour the batter out of pies that were not baking back into the bowl and add them. LOL. (ended up with 6 pies)

The pies at the top of the picture are the ones without the eggs (they had to be cooked longer). The lower ones are the ones I had to pour back in the bowl ( notice the sides).

Of coures, the extra pies I had left over everyone loved and now want me to make more. But after all that, I stick to what I said before .... I don't make pies.

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