Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cook Yourself Thin

I was over my sister's house the other day watching the Desperate Housewives reruns (one of the best shows ever, btw) when a commercial for a new show called Cook Yourself Thin came on. They were saying that they can change the way you cook the foods you love to make you lose weight. We did not have a chance to watch the show, but I came home and looked it up. I was able to watch the episodes on the lifetime website and get the recipes from the shows. Apparently, there is a cook book the show is based on.

I was rather impressed with the things they were able to do. One lady was eating pizza, hamburger, fries, a shake, and a breakfast sandwich that totaled 5500 calories. They recooked the same foods and the changed the total calories to 1500 or less (don't remember the exact amount).

Anywho, here are the links to their website and the lifetime website ...

where you can watch the show and get recipes

cook yourself thin website

I plan on getting the book, because even if you are not trying to lose weight, it is just a healther way to eat the things you love. Gosh, I sound like I work for them, lol. If anyone has tried this I would love to know if you think was worth the time.




martha marques said...

I found your site because you favorited my Slouch Beret on Ravelry. (The model is my rugrat by the way....that's what happens if you keep feeding them...they grow up.) This was an interesting post. I like to cook, I love to eat, but I do hate to waddle. We all cook in my family and I think a show like this one might very well add to the "cooking culture" in our house which is the secret to healthy eating probably. Anything you make yourself is usually better.

Anonymous said...

Just scrolling around on Ravelry and came upon your Blog. I love the design and your writings. I enjoyed the post about Eating Yourself Thin.Keep writing!

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