Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Needed Some Color in My Life

I have been crocheting the baptism/christening dress for what seems like forever and I am very tired of the white. Generally my projects contain very vibrant colors but this gown is white. Newly fallen snow white. Which of course makes it a pain to travel with. Not to mention my three adorable children who just happen to be the world's best and best dirt magnets. For some reason they are very drawn to this particular project and I am not really sure why. My oldest is always very interested in what I am making but my son never seemed to care until now.

So, I am taking a break! I bring some color into my world (at least for now) and working on some summer dresses for the reunion for the girls and I. I was going to start the ones from crochet garden that I blogged about here, but I figured that was to big a project to start in the middle of another large project.

I search on raverly and found a pattern for a dress called Two Summers Sundress. I have always wanted to make a dress like this (crochet top fabric bottom) I just never knew how much fabric to use. Anywho, the pattern is for knitters, so I am in the process of converting it to crochet for my girls. It is turning out to be super easy. I alreadt completed RyleighRenee's top and I am working on Cierra's. I changed a few things about the pattern and I'll post pictures when I finish them. I am also doing my best to take notes as I work so that I can post the pattern.

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