Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Christening Dress Update

I've restarted the dress.

I had to. I was 75% of the way done with the bodice after ripping out and redoing each section at least 3 times. The pattern is not very clear or at least it was not to me. I started it 4/28 and only completed the front and one side of the bodice by 5/1 and each section was still wrong no matter how many times I tried to fix it. I was beyond frustrated. I even contacted the designer for help and was still really confused.

1st attempt front
1st attempt back side

Therefore, I decided to just count my losses and start over. Apparently that is what you need to do when you are frustrated, because I am totally flowing now. What took me days to do I completed in a total of one. The bodice, button holes, neck trim and a sleeve and a half are now complete.
I just hope the rest of the pattern is not so much trouble.

2nd attempt front

2nd attempt back side



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