Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cool Stuff I've Made

Ok, it has been a few days since my last post, but I have been busy! I've been working on a million and 1 projects. Baby shower gifts, summer clothes for my kids, outfits for all of us to wear to my brothers graduation party, his graduation cake, and teaching my sister how to crochet. My oldest daughter Cierra, turned 6 last week so there was all of that work as well.

Here are the shirts I made for my hubby and son. This is my first time using making a stencil and using spray paint. I think they came out great. I'll be making more for the premier on June 24!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!

For those who don't know, above is the Decepticons symbol (bad guys). Below is the Autobots symbol good guys).

Since we are not going to the family reunion after all, the girls are wearing the pink and green dresses I made earlier. I made them some bows for their outfits as well.

This is my first time ever making bows, as well, but I really love the way they came out. The one pictured above is Ryleigh's, and below is Cierra's. I will add pictures of everyone in their outfits on sunday. If I am not to tired from all the partying.

Let me know what you guys think. I love to read your thoughts and opinions on my work.



1 comment:

Azalea Perkins Chriss said...

First of all LOVE LOVE LOVE the Transformer shirts. My oldest daughter wants a transformer shirt but they are all for boys. It would be really great if they came in pink. :) I wish I had the talent to what you did. You are awesome. I also love bos. How did you do Cierra's? very cool. :)

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