Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Clippies, Clampies, & other Hair Thing-ies {IMG Heavy}

I was up until 3:40 am last night working on hair bows, sewing,and a bunch of other stuff. I find when I get into the mood to create ... time just seems to elude me. Some of these are gifts for a dear friend of mine. I also made the barrette cards in photoshop, all by myself. If anyone has used that program, you know it is not an easy thing for a novice to do.

Well without further delay, I present ...

The Clippies

The headband shown here is great because you can add ANY hair accessory to the little band in the center. It is totally customizable.

Plain flower clip
Clipped to the headband
I really love these things. Thank god for girls. If you are interested in any of these they are available in my boutique at Let me know what you think. I love reading your comments.


Back in the Bay said...

Geez Coco you have been busy!!! those hair clips are too too too cute!! can you make me a cute clip.(a grown up one not like cierra's cuz people may look at me funny!!lol!!) but they are hecka cute. and my little Ryleigh Renee looked too cute!
Love Aunnie Keena/ ur favorite little sister

Anonymous said...

You are so talented! I am not shocked at all! Am adding this to my fav's.
Mrs. Busby

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