Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tutorial: Reusing Broken Cayon Bits {EDITED}

I am posting my VERY FIRST tutorial! Go me … go me … go me. Sorry I got carried away. Since my kids will have to sit through a three hour flight soon, I decided to get started on their entertainment. I tell them that it is to keep them happy on the flight, but really it is to help me maintain my sanity (lol).

They love to color so I wanted them to be able to do that on the plane. However, every time they get their hands on a crayon it turns into a crayon bit. Even the ones in the plastic tubes become crayon bits. So, I have been saving the little bits, feel as though their lives were not over and I was right. I have reused the neglected crayon bits into new and cooler crayon chunks.

Here is the tutorial so you can do it too.


Old broken crayon bits or new ones if you prefer

Wilton's Mini brownie pan, Dixie cups, silicon cupcake liners, mini cup cake pans the cups for ketchup from In-N-Out or pretty much ANYTHING you can put in the oven that will hold up

Cookie sheet and or foil (hopefully 100% recycled foil)

Razor blade or Exact-o knife

Container for naked crayons and one for crayon dressings

Let's get started:

1: Preheat oven between 250 -275 degrees (depending on oven)

2: Remove all of the crayon paper (dressing) from the crayon using the razor blade or Exact-o knife and place into separate containers

*Trust me on this; you REALLY want to use a blade! I didn't use one for the first half of my batch o' crayons and it was not fun.*

3: Once you have undressed ALL of your crayons, put the crayon paper (dressings) into a separate baggie or container and save to make paper with later. It will be a tutorial I post after I move.

4: Now take your naked crayons and put them in whatever container you decided to use. Make sure to break them into smaller pieces for faster, even melting. If you are using a silicon pan or paper cups, it is a good idea to use a metal cookie sheet to give you more stability.

What the bottom of the paper cups look like after baking (the reason for foil)

*Also, put foil on the bottom of your pan when using the paper ketchup cups. They seem to leak a little moisture.

5: Bake in the oven until crayons are completely melted (it will be very water like).

6: Remove from oven carefully. Let the wax cool for an hour or longer.

The thicker you made the crayons the longer they should cool.

7: When they are completely cool, pop them out of the silicon or tear the paper away.

Congratulations, you have just reused crayons and kept a little more out of landfills.

To clean any crayon residue off of pans, simply soak the pans in really hot water or use a blow dryer to melt the wax so you can wash it off. By the way, the blower works with spilled candle wax and crayon marks on chalk boards.

*Now, if your kids mange to break these also, you can always melt them down and make them again. Keep in mind that the more you melt and re-melt the colors may begin to look like poo.*

I would love to see your creations and hear what you think of this tutorial.

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