Friday, August 21, 2009

Busy With Bows

I have not posted anything about Cierra's hair bows lately because she has been wearing was that I made before the move. However, yesterday I made some new ones.

Poka Pink Clippies are what Cierra wore to school yesterday.

Since I have been sending Cierra to school everyday with a different set of bows, I have been getting a lot of comments of people wanting some. The pictures below are my first order of bows out here. Cierra's teacher asked me to make some for her friend's newly adopted daughter.

"Tail" of Two Colors

This bow is Wild Rainbows (personalized)Look at it now, I am really not fond of the button I used with this bow. I had planned on the bow looking different, but changed my mind mid way. I still think it looks cute.

Let me know what you think about these bows. They will also be available on etsy & shop handmade when I take them off of vacation.



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