Monday, August 31, 2009

Tasty Red Velvet "Cak-ies "

I had been seaching for some form of Red Velvet cake that I could send through the mail to my sister in law. When I left, the only thing she was concerned about (aside from the kids) was the cake. So, I began my search and stumble upon a blog called Bakerella. Aside from being a totally awesome blog, she had just what I was looking for. Then I realized that the recipe called for a boxed cake mix of Red Velvet and I wanted to make mine from scratch. I continued to searched and found this. I loved them and wanted to make them right away, however them were a bigger undertaking than I was willing to commit to. So, I went back to the cookie idea and found a from scratch recipe from McCormicks. So here they are ...

I used canned cream cheese frosting so they will hold up better during delivery.This version has vanilla ice cream in them, I gave them to my kids for dessert today.

All in all, they were a big hit, I just hope Dodo likes them.




Back in the Bay said...

well they look yummy and i cant promise i will only have one.hahaha. Love you that was very very sweet of you sister!
Love Keena

Anonymous said...

OH WHAAAAAT! Red veeeeeeeeeelvet!! oh yes! Thank you Jesus!

Im soo excited, I have Thursday off, so imma be waiting for the mailman!

Thank you Nicole! NOONE MAKES RED VELVET LIKE YOu!!!!!!!!! omg im excited!

Theres gonna be a party in my tummy! a party in my tummy! go me go me!!

love DODO

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