Monday, September 14, 2009

I Began Climbing ... CRAFT MOUNTAIN!!

Aww yes, Craft Mountain. I am in the process of trying to get my little (and I mean LITTLE) craft corner in order. However, it is proving to be a bigger challenge than I thought. I have way more stuff that I thought I did and trying to find storage and work area space in that little corner is well ... not working at the moment.

See for yourself.

All of my yarn

My son helping his dad hang shelves for me.

Looking good right. Coming along nicely.

Ok. So here is ALL of the stuff back in the corner that still needs a place. Starting to see the problem.

So, I am open to suggestions. I really want it done so I can get to the crafting.




Back in the Bay said...

hahah well you can always hand stuff down to your wonderful little sister! or get some nice tupperware drawers and set them up next to your work station. and just organize it well. you are just such a saver! u save everything! u probably have stuff that you have had since a teenager!! its ok to let go! j/k I love you sis. (im still waitin on my pillow case!)
Love Keena

Back in the Bay said...

Awwe my sai sai is already a handyman. my baby!!! Aunnie loves you baby.

debbie said...

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang girl!!! i wish having too much yarn was MY problem, lol!

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