Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Bows and a Hat

I created a couple more bows within the last few days.
Here they are ...

I made the Camp Fire Flutterfly to match an outfit I got from my best friend Azalea (shout outs). Ryleigh wore it to Cierra's open house yesterday.

You cant really see the antennas in the picture, but I promise you they are there.
This is Lemon Lime Flutterfly. I made her this morning to go with the green hat I crocheted AGES ago. I got the idea on a baby magazine cover. I can't think of the name now, but when I find the mag, I'll let you know.

The hat that it is attach to is called a "kufi". They sell them all over the internet on bow supply websites but there is not a pattern to be found ANY WHERE. Trust me, I looked ... for days! So, I had to count rows from a picture they had on a site to make it. However, I counted 5 or 6 to many and made the hat to long. BUT ... as I worked on it ... I wrote out a pattern for it (the hat I mean). My plan is to post it on here or on raverly if I ever dig it out of Craft Mountain.

Let me know what you think and if you are interested int the pattern. If no one is interested in the pattern I won't bother climbing Craft Mountain.




Back in the Bay said...

my rye looks so gosh darn cute!!! my baby!!! those bows are really really cute!!!! u are so creative Nicole.

Ms. Azalea said...

OOHHH Ryleigh looks soo cute!!! I finally saw it. Thanks for the love...Im sending it right back at you. I want a hat! I wants some bows. Get craft mountain in order and I might just have to place an order :)

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