Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Version of Lunchables

In my current quest for a healthy lunch for my daughter that isn't just a sandwich and sides EVERY DAY. Or the costly Lunchable alternative ... I decided to make my own. The picture below is the super easy version I made for my son. However, when I made Cierra's for her lunch today, I used a flower and a heart cookie cutter. I forgot to take pictures of it but it will next time.

The process is very easy. You simply use the cookie cutters to cut shapes out of the lunch meat and cheese of your choice. Wrap them up in plastic wrap, put some crackers in a bag and they are ready to go.

I have also made sandwich wraps. That is basically a flour tortilla with lettuce, cheese and some lunch meat rolled into a burrito. Send a side of ranch dressing for them to dip the wrap into.

Very easy to do. What other lunch ideas have you tried? Let me know, I am trying to have as many ideas as possible.



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