Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oreo Pops

I was inspired, once again, by Bakerella. These are Oreos mixed with cream cheese icing cover in white chocolate. I made these for Cierra's teacher as a little thank you. And yes ... they are amazing!

These ones didn't quite make it into pops. I put them on sticks, but when I dipped them they slid off. I thinks it is because I made them too big so they were to heavy for the sticks. Oh well, you can still eat them!

1 comment:

debbie said...

I LOVEEEE bakerella! i made these pops last year for my staff during a cleaning party and it was a major hit :) my only problem was what to display em in. I did the styrafoam thingy, too... but im thinking of making a stand or something for next time :)

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