Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy Cupcake Week

Yes that is right, I have been busy baking up some pretty awesome cupcakes. I have been getting such great response from the teachers at Cierra's school that I am considering opening a mini business out of my home. I got my first Red Velvet "Cakie" order last week from one of the teachers.

I really like the delivery box set up and it did receive overwhelmingly positive response.

I call these cupcakes Strawberry Super Stars. Cierra's teacher requested treat in the shape of stars for a class celebration after seeing the Cakies above. The cupcake is strawberry topped with cream cheese frosting. The star cookies are made with French Vanilla pudding. The cookies were absolutely yummy!

Now being a child of the the 80's (which is oddly back in fashion), the cookies remind me of Rainbowbrite.

I may have to make some Rainbowbrite like cookies.

Getting back to the topic ...

Now after the other teachers seeing those cupcakes, I began getting a lot of questions about prices and flavors. I really had not thought that much about it so I played with some ideas over the weekend. Here are the first two "gourmet" cupcakes I made. I had my hubby take some to work. he said they didn't last 12 minutes on the table.

This one is Butterfinger with Cream Cheese icing. I like the idea but I think I need to play with the recipe a bit to get the taste just right.

Here is the crowd favorite, Peach Cobbler with Whip Cream. Everyone that tried it (except my kids) loved it.

So, after all this I deiced to make some testers for the teachers at Cierra's school. I made French Toast cupcakes with Cinna-Maple Cream Cheese icing and Brownies with and without Caramel.

They were a big hit and I got two calls about 30 minutes after I left asking for a dozen of each. I may just have the budding business on my hands and I am excited and very nervous about the whole thing.



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Teresa said...

these look so good! you are talented, cousin! (but you already knew that)...

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