Thursday, November 5, 2009

HOW TO: Tortilla Cut Outs Make for a Fun Lunch

Cierra, my oldest, takes her lunch to school I try to keep it from getting boring. It is great to have a sandwich every once and awhile, but even I would get tired of the same ol' thing. Which led me to. . .

"Tortilla Cut Outs"
{sorry for the beige on beige}

You will need:

Flour Tortilla
(burrito size will yield more cut outs)

Lunch Meat

(your choice of meat)

Sliced Cheese

Your Favorite Salad Dressing

Lettuce (optional)

Cookie Cutters
(I used metal ones, but plastic ones will work. Just make sure the tortilla is not to thick)

1: Lay out two tortillas and spread a light layer of salad dressing on both.

2: Cover on tortilla with lunch meat over lapping slightly. Layer cheese on top of in the same manner. If you are adding lettuce, place it on top of the cheese and meat a leaf at a time or lapping as well.

3: Place the second tortilla on top and smooth out. Careful not to add to much pressure, you don't want thing squirting out the sides.

4: Using the cookie cutter of your choice, place it on top of the tortilla sandwich and apply pressure. Make sure to give the cookie cutter a little twist from left to right to cut through the meat.

5: Continue to cut out shape until you are left with mere scraps.

6: Placing the cut outs in plastic wrap will prevent them from coming apart.

According to Cierra, all the kids in school thought they were so cool and she was "soo lucky"!

Hope you enjoyed this. Let me know if you try this, i would love to se what shapes and ideas you come up with.



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