Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Perfect Gift

Now that the holiday season is upon us and Black Friday literally around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to share some gift suggestions for the baker, crocheter and crafter in your life. I omited the pictures because #1 - it would have been to much work and #2 - it would have taken to long to load.

The Baker

Beater blade with bowl scraper
cuts mixing time in half

Dough Hooks

does the work for you

Nesting Mixing Bowls
easy storage and great help in the kitchen

Cupcake Stackers
really ... there are just cute

Grease Proof Cupcake Liners

not really a "need" but will make the presentation of your cupcakes much better

Cookie Dough Scoop
we already know this is life changing

Cooling Racks
need to speed/aid the cooling process
the stacking ones are perfect for cookies

a real need for things made from scratch

Cake Lifter
life changing and something you really can't live without if you do a lot of cakes

Pastry Brush
a necessary too for baking and cooking

Large Cupcake Pan
this is really just something cute

Gel Food Coloring
the best food coloring for baked goods and icing because it won't water things down

Large Cake Leveler
great if you do a lot of cakes and it takes the guess work out of cake layering

The Crocheter

do I really need to explain this on

Knit Klips
lines up work to be sewn together perfectly

Electronic Row Counter
very cool and very handy

a need if you by a lot of natural fiber/hanked yarn

Electric Ball Winder
see swift

Stitch Markers
the name says it all

Blocking Boards
a need for every crocheter because we are ALL suppose to block (I don't because I don't have these)

Blocking Wire
perfect for helping block lacy items

Knitting Yarn Meter
counts /measures the yarn as you wind it into a ball

Light Up Hooks
I used these on an 8 hr night time drive to Vegas and I had no problem seeing everything I was doing

The Crochet Answer Book
perfect for a beginner and helpful to a pro

Graph Paper
perfect for those who crochet pictures into there work or how write patterns in chart form

The Crafter

Dual Temp Hot Glue Gun
removes the need for two guns

Cordless Hot Glue Gun
really just cool

Hot Glue Gun Mat
prevents the leaky glue gun mess getting everywhere and it pretty than that piece of cardboard/ scrap paper you are using now

Tempered Glass Mat
procts your work surface when using a wood burning tool or sealing iron

X-Acto Knife
way to many uses to name

Hot Glue Sticks

Colored Hot Glue Sticks
just because they were cool looking

Mod Podge
one of every kind please this stuff goes on everything
(the waterproof on is great for a shoe maker too)

Goo Gone
To clean up the mess you made with all the stuff above

So here is my little list. If anyone has any suggestions for other items to place on this list, leave them in the comments below (with links if possible) and I may add them. Oh, and to my family ... you can not go wrong with things on this list.

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