Friday, December 11, 2009

My Crochet Blazer Journey - CAL {8}

I am moving right along on this jacket! The more pieces I complete the more excited I become. I realized last night that this is the first time I have ever made a crocheted garment in this manner. Normally, the patterns I use or design have been the top down round or square yoke kind. Making a coat in pieces seems to offer WAY MORE design options than the yoke version does. I already plan on trying a million different things when I make the next one.

Here is my progress thus far ...

  • Back ... Done
  • Left Front Panel ... Done
  • Right Front Panel ... Done
  • Left Sleeve ... Starting Today
  • Right Sleeve ... Starting This Week
  • Belt Loops ... Next Week
  • Seams & Collar... Next Week
I am very ready to be done with this coat. I really like it, but I must say that I am really not a huge fan of purple but I wanted something that wa rich in color and that was my only yarn option at the store. Oh well ... I will make it work and ROCK it like I wanted it ot be purple!



** I didn't post pictures because the right panel looks just like the left. It kinda felt redundant to me.

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