Friday, December 4, 2009

Rainbow Swap on Ravelry

A few months back I joined my first swap group on Ravelry. For those who don't know, a swap group is a group of people who make and buy things for other people and send it to them. The gifts usually fit the theme of the group, a particular craft, or just simply what the swappie like. Sometimes you know who will be sending you your gifts and other times you don't. For this particular swap, we did not know who was sending us the gifts.

Well, I recently received my AWESOME PACKAGE!! It came from an awesome women in Texas who goes by the name of Lady Watkins (shout out). Here are the pictures of what she sent me...

The Box
Some beautiful yarn. The one on the right was hand spun and dyed by her!

The mini snowglobe has my name on it
I love ladybugs! The little things in the mesh bag are cute stitch markers.
the pattern is for a really cool and complicated looking neck warmer
Out of everything in the box, my favorite gift (side from the hand spun yarn) is the Knitting CD-Rom. I have been saying that I wanted to learn how to knit forever and now I can. I have a bunch of books on it but I am a visual learner and the disc is a great help. I can't wait to use it. I made it my early New Years resolution. I will use the Disc Starting Next year and I will know how to knit by June and have completed 3 knit projects (not the beginner stuff) by the end of Dec.
And last but not least ... the super cute project bag.
I was really surprised and pleased by all of my gifts.

Now here is what I sent my partner.

The Box


Rainbow gloves, a crocheted book thong, an apple with a jacket

the apple with a jacket
Thank You cards

Pos it flags (to keep your place in a pattern) & project labels

A super cheesy crocheted letter C pillow ( I could not resist)
things you could not really see were two scented candles, some double end knitting needles, and a cute little snowman decoration. I hoped she liked it all, because I know she received it but I have not heard from her about it yet.

This was a really a wonderfully pleasant experience. I met some great people and I will definitely be doing another swap with them in the future.


Diane said...

your blog is very bright and interesting. Now a question. Why does your apple have a jacket on? Are my apples cold. Should I get busy making jackets for my own apples? Am I a bad apple mother? LOL Swaps sound like fun. I won some yarn from Hook and Needle Girl and it was such fun getting it.

Nicole ~ The Diva said...

First, let me say thank you for the kind words.
No my apples ... yes they have been a bit chilly as of late and with H1N1 going around, I thought it would be best to keep them warm and cozy. I would recommend that you make a couple for your apples, you wouldn't want them passing anything they get from being "cold" to you. You are not a bad apple mom if you did not know about the jackets. But now that you know ... not providing them can be consider

Seriously, i just made it because it was quick easy and super cute. I plan on making one for my daughter's apples that go into her lunchbox to prevent bruising. other than that ... I don't think they do much.

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