Monday, January 18, 2010

Purling With The Rest of Them

I have finished my second knit item ... it is a really awesome cowl that I love very much. It was a very simple knit stitch the whole way across. I found the pattern on For those of you who STILL do Not have an account (what is wrong with you?) here is the direct link to the blog it can be found on.

I started working on the purl stitch and have completed a swatch for that. I am about to keep it moving and work on the stockinette stitch and ribbing.

Knitting is a whole lot eaiser than I thought it was. Like I mentioned before ... I have tried to learn how to knit many moons ago and it did not work out very well. I think it is much easier this time because I can learning from videos rather than a few pictures and some text. If I remember correctly ... the hardest thing for me was the stockinette stitch. I could never remember what stitch I left off on when I put it down. We will see how it goes this time.

Wish me luck ... and PLEASE free free to leave me tips in the comments ... I could always use the help of those WISER than me.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

congrats on catching the knitting bug :) gorguss cowl! i haven't been able to put down the needles since learning a few new stitches! too bad we're not in the same state anymore, i'd love having you over for a SnB meetup with other Rav members ;)

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