Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lighting McQueen

I have been busy playing with my "not so new but NEW to ME" sewing machine the last two days and here is what I have made.

My son picked this fabric when I dragged him to the fabric store with me about 3 months. He was unwilling to leave without it and I figured it was on sale so go for it.

I really like the way it came out. Although I am not completely sold on the blanket binding.

Also, I learned that you are suppose to do the "detail" stitching on the blanket BEFORE you add the binding. Not bad for my first try.

This little cutie is the pillow I made to go with it.

I've been going through the kids "too small" clothes and doing some recon. I figured this shirt would be a great addition to my sons blanket.

It was one of his favorite shirts when he could fit it.

I think he approves ...


1 comment:

Back in the Bay said...

thats hecka cute!!! my sai sai is sooo cute!!

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