Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crocheting Again

After a long crocheting hiatus, I have picked up the hook again. The new found inspiration came from two things.

  1. My grandfather recently sent me box 1 of a 1,000,000 (total exaggeration) filled with my recently deceased grandmothers yarn and ALL of her hooks. This is the grandmother who taught me how to crochet.
  2. I was looking through some of the patterns that I had printed out many moons ago and found a dress that I bought to make for my Roo Baby when she was a few months old.
So, I decided to make the dress FINALLY!

It is called Raleigh Belle and it is from Crochet Garden

Aside from being totally cute ... I picked it because of the name. The only thing I am sad about is that when I went to buy the yarn for it my color choices were VERY BLEAK! So much in fact that I was left with the options of black, white, some funky mint green, blue and natural. Much to my dismay ... I went with the blue and natural. Which is EXACTLY what you see above.


1 comment:

EntwinedEssentials said...

That dress is so so so cute! I wish I had girls I could crochet for....though I do have a new niece. Be sure to show pictures of your completed project!

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