Monday, March 29, 2010

The NEW ~ MAKE IT MONDAY ~ Coloring/Dyeing Eggs w/ Wilton Food Color

Like I explained in my blog-i-versary post, I wanted to have designated days for crafts and what not. Here is my first idea. Every Monday I will have new tutorials posted. They may be from me or from other crafty blogs on the web. I have not decided completely if I want this to be a permanent Monday thing or if Tuesdays will be better for me. So, we will try it and see.
Now on to the good stuff ...

Coloring/ Dyeing Eggs
I got this idea from a random billboard placed along the freeway claiming that "for the most vibrant colored eggs, use Wilton's". So I did a little research on their forums and found the recipe. Everyone SWEARS that the results are more vibrant than other methods. I used two Wilton colors and two McCormick colors. So lets try and see shall we ...
You need:
Boiling water
*Now considering that kids will be using this, I opted out of the boiling water and just went for some really hot tap water. I don't know if it would have made a difference in the colors.
Cups for the dyeing

White vinegar

Wilton Icing colors. They are sold in box sets like this or individually.
McCormick food color drops


The Recipe:

Put glob of Wilton's Icing color into each cup

Add 1TBSP of boiling/hot tap water and 1 TBSP of vinegar to the cups

Mix until the icing color is dissolved

Add 3/4 c of boiling/hot tap water to the mix and stir for a few seconds

Now you are ready to color some eggs!

For the McCormick dye, I just followed the recipe on the back of the box. The only thing I changed was the amount of water I used. Their recipe calls for a 1/2c but as you can see in the picture it does not completely cover they egg. So I used 3/4c instead.

Over all, I think the colors came out great from both dyes. I do not think there is much of a color difference between the two. I will say that compared to what I remember about the store bought kits, these eggs are MUCH brighter. The eggs take the color much quicker the the store bought kits also. Which is GREAT for impatient children.

Let me know if you try this and send me pics ... I would love to see.


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