Saturday, March 20, 2010

RyleighRenee's 1st Birthday

Okay, first let me say that I am so sorry for the delay in posting this. My life has been crazy these past few weeks. I got Violently ill on the DAY of her birthday and then planning her party was crazy as well.So getting to the good part ...

Here is the outfit I made for her to wear on the DAY OF her birthday. I think the petite coat was too long but I like how it looked on her and this is my hubby's favorite outfit by far.

I am sad to admit that ... those are STORE BOUGHT cupcakes. Like I said,I was so sick I was barely able to stay up long enough to sing happy birthday. As you can see, she is mesmerized by the flame.

This is the what the end results of that cupcake.

Let me just say, when throwing a party, it is really hard to get the pictures you want and be a host/hostess.

Here is her birthday PARTY shirt. I added a tutu to it (I will try to get a good picture of her in it soon)

The cake. I made two. This one was for the party guess. I wanted it to look like a flower box because her theme was spring. Surprisingly, all the kids were more interested in eating the flower cookies than the cake.

These are a few pictures of the second cake. I made this one for Roo. I used the Wilton KING cup cake pan. I was going for flower pot with this one. These were taking right after singing to her. The flower cookie was actually in the "pot".

Here is the cake, shortly after being destroyed. You can also see the tutu sticking out behind her. I think she looks like a peacock.


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EntwinedEssentials said...

Congrats mama! The outfits and cakes look GREAT! I hope you're feeling better now.

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