Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tutorial: Closet Space Saver / Hanger Extention

While browsing through the million of blogs I follow I stumbled upon this cool little creation.
I knew I had to make, but I was not going to use ribbon like they used for two reasons. . .
  1. The ribbon I have is for the girls bows
  2. I have way to may choices of colors,styles and what not. Which is HORRIBLE for me. I can NOT just "make a choice" to save my life.

All of that lead me to the decision that it would be a GREAT scrap buster project. Here is how it came out.

I found it at just the right time too. My kids closet a stuffed tight and I was trying to figure out a "cheap" way to create some more room. I was very pleased how they turned out. They worked perfectly.

Wanna make one? Keep reading ...

Here is what you need:
Scraps of fabric 5 in wide x 20 in long

D rings (4 for 78 ¢ @ Wal-Mart)

Cutting utensil

Sewing machine

Measure and cut out the strips of fabric.

Fold in and press a 1/2 inch seam on both ends.

Fold strip in half length wise and press.
Open fabric and fold the sides into the center. Use the crease in the center to line up the folds and press.

Fold the whole whole strip back in half (using center crease) and press again.

Sew the strip around all four sides

Slide the D ring on one end of the strip and fold the fabric down about 3/4 in. or just enough for you to sew on.

Create the first loop by folding the strip just below the end of the D ring stitch.

Sew it down. Continue to make loops until the end of the fabric is reached.

The back

I got for loops on mine. Depending on how large or small you make your loops will determine the amount of loops you get. You can also make the strip longer.



Amy said...

I think this is a really neat idea. Thanks for sharing it.

Nicole ~ The Diva said...

Thanks amy. I am glad you enjoy it.

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