Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crocheted Cuties

Due to my lack of sleep the other night, I was up at 4am searching Ravely. If you have not already heard ... it is an AWESOME online community for chicks with sticks, hookers, and spin doctors!Anywho.
They have this brilliant pattern database that I searched for at least 4 hours. Yes, I know I need help.

But look what I found ...

*click the pictures to go to the patterns*
I know they are totally random and it is kinda like ... "you were on there for 4 hours and that was all you found?!?" To that my answer would be no, but I could not let these go. For some reason I just think they are so cute. Now I am not really big on crocheting things that really don't serve a purpose ... but I may be changing the rules foe these.

Am I crazy? Tell we what you think...


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