Thursday, April 1, 2010

GREAT News & Bad News

Great News ...


I am very excited about using it. So far, I have found only one thing I don't like ... it is made of PLASTIC. Which make me a little concerned considering how much abuse I will be using it.

The Bad News...
I promised a post on how well it works the DAY I got it. I planned on using it to make cupcakes and post a tut for them as well. However, it is late, I am tired after a very busy day, and I don't have anymore cupcake papers.

I know ... I know ... I promised. Please forgive me and I will make it up to you in the next post. You'll see.

Okay, now a little side note on my day. I had to go to the doctors and some nurse abused me with a needle.

I know you can not see it very well, but that is the crease of my right elbow. Yes, that is a huge, lumpy, painful bruise. The funny thing is she blamed it on me. Said that I was moving to much. I find that highly unlikely considering that I have a phobia of needles and they paralyze me.

Okay, sorry for the rant.


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