Thursday, April 22, 2010

What I've Been Doing ...

Ever since last week I have been crafting like crazy. I've been converting some of the kids too small summer clothes and soon to be too small winter clothes into THIS SUMMER clothes.

Wow. Did that make ANY sense? lol.

Here is a look at a few things I have done:

This skirt use to be a summer dress. I chopped of the top and now we have a cute skirt.

My little diva.

This little ditty is just something new. I had to make a new pattern for the shorts because he out grew the one from last year. This was the first pair and the waist was to small.
*soon to be a Make it Monday project

I love making him sets lie this because RIGHT NOW he loves to wear them and I don't know how long he will continue to wear Mom made clothes.
This is the second pair that fits much better. I have not made the shirt yet, but I will soon and then post the whole thing for you to see.

Here is another skirt. This one was made from a shirt that was too small for my oldest. Now ... it is a skirt for the Wee one. She has an attitude because she hates being in the grass and REFUSED to smile until we picked here up. lol.

I've also done some baking. I have been hearing about and seeing a lot of people using the 500 Cupcake cookbook, so I went out and bought it. Much to my dismay, it was very disappointing. There were not very many cupcakes and the ones that I tried were dry and okay taste wise.

Here is a batch of my EPIC fail cupcake.

They were suppose to be Devil's Food Cake. More like the Devil's Dry Chocolate Cups of Evil! This batter was horrible and it BROKE my ice cream scoop after filling ONLY 3 baking cups! I was soooooo mad! Then they all baked over the sides and I took them out and they all sank. Stupid recipe. So, needless to say ... I am taking the book back.

On top of all of this work. I have been crocheting. I was working on the Raleigh Belle dress... ONLY to find that I may have done the skirt wrong and probably have to unravel MOST of the work I have done so far. YAY.

Than I got my Crochet Today in the mail (late I may add) and found this shrug pattern in it.

Super cute, right? I looked at it and thought ... I can get that done in a day or two. WOW, I was so wrong. The single joining of the darn motifs were confusing. THEN, after two days of fighting with that I finally figured it out. ONLY to have the process of joining three motifs together just completely throw me for a loop. This project as well as the dress is currently in TIME OUT. And the most frustereating part about the shrug is it is label a Level 2 in difficulty. I am WAY past 2. Stupid pattern.

What have you been working on. I would love to know. Share with me in the comments below.


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GrandmaFlea said...

Love the skull and crossbones!

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