Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dress #3 ~ Blossoming Beauty Toddler Version

I am now on dress #3. I started it Wednesday night while watching Glee and V on with the hubby. Working on this version makes me realize why I didn't like the last one ... it was to dang big for the small yarn. LOL. Honestly, I think it was more me than the pattern. I have never worked on anything that big with yarn that small and it was taking longer than most things I crochet. So I was not getting the instant gratification I desire. I am still glad I stuck it out. This one will be a breeze and I look forward to it.

As you can see this one is progressing nicely. But I must say ... I am VERY unhappy with this yarn. EVERY single ball of orange that I have used has had at LEAST 2 knots in it. Sometimes more! Even in Cierra's dress. I like the way it feels as well as the drape ... but I am very disappointed in it. Has anyone else that has used this yarn find the same to be true for them?



EntwinedEssentials said...

What kind of yarn is it Nicole? Everytime I've seen it, it looks like thread to me. I've been thinking you're insane to make 3 dresses out of that stuff! But, your end results have been AMAZING! They really are gorgeous!

Nicole ~ The Diva said...

It actually is Crochet Thread. It is by DMC and it is a size 3 made of 100% cotton.

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