Friday, May 28, 2010

I Got A NEW Toy

After reading Bakerella's blog post about William-Sonoma's Star Wars cookie cutters, I decided to give their site a once over. After doing so I realized that it was probably a REALLY bad idea. There were just so many things there that I ... "Never knew i needed and could NOT live without".

One thing I new I had to have IMMEDIATELY was this set of cookie cutters.

You can actually PRINT messages into your cookies! Is that not the coolest thing you have ever seen? I will be making cookies with these babies tomorrow! I have the dough ready and in the frig as we speak. I wanted to bake today but I did not have any more parchment paper. So I will wait for tomorrow.

Here are some of the wonderful toys I will be slowly adding to my already was collection of the coming months...

click on the pictures to take you to the store page

To replace my need for parchment paper

Just because it look cool
So I can make perfectly shaped cakies
Again ... just to cool
These next 3 sets are pancake molds. the kids would love pancakes made from these
So I can make donuts ...
Now if there is anything you see on here that you just have to buy FOR ME ...please feel free. I won't judge you or anything. In fact ... I will even bake you something for you from said gift.

Just a thought.


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