Monday, May 10, 2010

MAKE IT MONDAY ~ ???Crocheted & Knitted Toilet Paper ???

Yes that is right ... I said crocheted & knitted toilet paper!

I found it during my pattern search on Ravelry.

But it is not what you think. It is a toilet paper "cozy" and not the frilly or creepy doll kind that grandma use to make (although my grandma never made stuff like that). It looks just like a roll of toilet paper. Which to me is more of a practical joke that a real "useful" item. When I seen this too cute madness, I knew I had to make it. Plus my hands needed a break from all the crochet thread they have been working with.

The kids think it is super cool which pleases and worries me. I just know I am going to find it in the toilet or something one day ... lol ... but lets hope I am wrong. Here is the link to the pattern. But if you are advanced enough, it is really not hard to figure out. I used the pattern as a starting guide, but i pretty much just winged it.

Here is the knitted version. I actually like this one better because it looks way more realistic. If I knew how to knit better I would make this one too.

Anywho. Hope you enjoy this week's project.


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