Monday, May 31, 2010

MAKE IT MONDAY ~ Repurposed Denim Headband

This cool and funky headband was made out of a pair of my oldest daughter jeans.

I cut the top part off of a leg scrap I got after making her a pair of shorts.

What you need :

an 18 in x 5 in piece of scrap denim with any size hole or holes

scrap fabric large enough to cover the hole or holes

24 in of 1/2 in wide ribbon

contrasting thread

sewing machine


What to do:

1. If you have not already done so, measure and cut out your denim piece.

2. Cut any loose threads in the hole to make the fabric more visible when it is placed. Place and pin your scrap fabric piece in the hole. Trim any access fabric that might be showing from the sides. Take care not to trim to much.

3. With contrasting thread, sew around the shape of the hole. This does not have to be perfect or even straight. I think the crazier the better. A zig zag stitch would even be cool.

4. Fold and pin the piece in half. WRONG sides together.

5. Sew down the side where you pinned with a 3/8 in seam . Make sure you DO NOT sew the ends closed. If you want more fraying on this side, sew further in.

6. Place the headband on your head and mark out where you want the band to narrow. I find it more comfortable to wear headbands that don't have a whole lot of stuff behind my ears. Measure and cut out the piece.

7. Top stitch around the front of the headband getting as close to the edge as possible. When you get to the hole, just simply sew around it like before.

8. To make the back side fray, pull out pieces of the fabric a few threads at a time. Pull them all the way out to the end of the piece. Or you can simple toss it in the was and let it do it for you.

9. Take your ribbon and insert it into one of the opened ends about a 1/4 in up and sew across it back stitching a few times. Do the same for the other end as well. DO NOT cut the ribbon until you have it sewn into both sides. That way you can make sure they are the same length on both sides.

10. Once the ribbon is sewn into place, fold it in half and cut it. Using a lighter lightly melt the ends to prevent it from fraying. If you don't want to melt the ends you can use fray check.

I think this came out really cute! My hubby said it was "nice but country". Ha ... what do men know?


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