Saturday, May 15, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Most school get a Teacher appreciation day... my daughter's school got a whole dang week. The PTOC set it up so that each day you were to bring your teacher a different gift. I thought it was a cute idea, but I knew it was going to a lot of work for me.

For some gosh darn reason, I am one of those people who can't just go and buy a gift. No, I have to make it myself, personalize it, and wrap it to perfection. I like this about me most days ... until something like this comes up. Then it can be annoying.

Okay, enough of that ... lets get to the gifts ...

Monday: Something sweet. Peanut buttercup brownie bites and Chocolate chip cookie pops.

Tuesday: Stationary. My daughter drew the picture of her and her teacher and the hubby photoshopped it into stationary. (this was her most fave gift)

Wednesday: Flowers. I didn't want to buy any so I made this REALLY cute necklace out of crocheted flowers and ribbon. It turned out really cute (making one for myself). I just COULD NOT get a good picture of it. I was white and NOTHING I did worked so I gave up.

Thursday: Scented candles. I planned on making the candles but ...that is a whole different post.

Friday they were SUPPOSE to have a lunch but they canceled it. According to the teacher ... II was the ONLY parent who gave a gift EVERYDAY. That's sad ... but I was NOT surprised.

So that is what I did all last week. Besides crocheting of course. Oh, and taking care of my kids ... can't forget them.


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