Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Must Have Been Living Under A Rock

How have I never seen this? I have heard of it and know that many people copy it but I have never been to the store or even the website. What is it you ask? It's...


I know right. Now you understand the rock thing. Last night was the first time I had EVER been to the site and I think I look at EVERYTHING. Let just tell you... I am in love! But, I UNDERSTAND why people copy rather than just going out an buying some of this stuff. Aside from the fact that a lot of it is easy to make ... the prices are ...rather LARGE. To large for my current budget.

I am just so amazed that I never check this place out sooner. Here are some things I seem and fell in love with.

Now, if anyone is feeling generous I wear a medium.



debbie said...


you need to get your @$$paragus on rav and join the anthro group! they have sweet patterns for us crafty ppls ;)


Nicole ~ The Diva said...

Really?!? I am headed there right now! Thanks for the heads up!

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