Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Birthday Gifts

 I know I have not posted any projects or really much of anything lately and I am sorry for that. Let me reassure you  ... I've been working my butt off! I want to share everything that I have been making lately, but most if not all have been gifts for others. I don't want to post anything about them until they get them so it will not ruin the surprise.

All the gifts go out at different times this month. So there will be a whole lot of pictures soon. The first gift was to a friend I made out here in the "bayou".

This is Cadence. This necklace is completely my design and I really ♥ how well this came out. So much that I did not want to give it to her at all. I did, but now I have to make myself one.

Okay, now this thing is all her. We were in Michaels and she would not put this ugly beetle down. So, when she left without it I knew I had to make her a necklace with it.

Here is a scarf she found on Ravelry. I didn't like it when I seen it at first. But one I made it ... I changed my mind. It is called Crochargosy and was designed by Christie Pruitt.

Thankfully she was really pleased with her gifts. I am glad I was FINALLY able to share them with you. I HATE making all these things and not being able to post them for you all to see. The next set of gifts will be sent out at the end of next week so I will be posting pictures after that. So please be patient with me.


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