Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Birthday Swap Gifts ... Finally!

I decided to skip the Tips and Tricks today. I could not think of anything to post for it AND I had something better to post in it's place.

My Swap Partner FINALLY Opened Her Box!

Here is what she had to say about it on ...

I beg of you to PLEASE READ THIS, as it is so moving and thoughtful.
MERE WORDS cannot even begin to describe the joy, love, and thoughtfulness that superiorcreations showed me for my birthday. For starters, my package arrived “on” my birthday, Monday, July 26, but due to my work schedule, I was unable to pick it up from the post office until the following Saturday. Life kicked in with my teenagers and I didn’t open it until today, the day my grandson was born. I didn’t want to rush through my gift, but wanted to fully enjoy every item of it, including the card she attached to the box on the outside. She really was thinking of me when she created this, I am so overwhelmed with so many emotions right now.
Rather than babble on, please read each note below next to each item, because all but a few have a very special meaning (note, most of the items had her very own handmade gift tag describing what each one was):
  • (2) skeins of Andean Trail DK yarn from Peru (100% fine wool) – garnet red would be my birthstone and the color of my favorite creature, ladybugs
  • (1) skein of Knit Picks “Gloss” in Coast Grey – this yarn was slated for an item in my queue that I hadn’t purchased yet
  • Anthenian Scarf in the above mentioned yarn – this is a scarf from my queue that I have considered making over the past 2 weeks, but life has really held be back from starting new projects – please keep in mind, this is the yarn I chose for another project in my queue
  • Home-made “Milk” Chocolate Chip Cookies – this woman is always baking and doing something special for other people, and I got a chance to receive some birthday cookies!!
  • Flower Pin Cushion – another item from my queue/favs in my ALL TIME favorite colors: orange and green
  • Book Marker in Purple Gloss Yarn/Thread – yet another item from my queue which is going into the book I am currently reading as soon as I finish this post!!
  • Knitting labels for future projects - can never have enough
  • Reese’s King Size – LOVE these things, LOVE ….. THESE ……. THINGS!!!!!
  • Apple Cozy – I admired this darn thing when I saw another recipient of hers receive one, I thought it was so darn cute, and here it is in MY STUFF FROM HER!!!! Note: this fits the ONLY apples I eat: Snack Sized Pink Ladies from Trader Joe’s! I kid you not!!!!
  • P91 Bag in Chocolate – another item from my queue/favs …….. (wow, I am so grateful ……) chocolate is my new “black” – she adorned it with a multi color flower with a gold filigree button in the center. SOFT and wonderful!!!!!
  • Monogrammed Stationary with an “S” – note pad, seals and note cards
  • Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning – this is her favorite all time seasoning and she is sharing it with me – a BIG canister – DH saw it (and the cookies) and I almost had to slap his hands to back off
  • Box Lady Bag WITH a crocheted initial in silver metallic yarn/thread – ANOTHER ITEM FROM MY QUEUE – this bag matches the darn Apply Cozy!!!! This is my new lunch bag at work, and I will be the ENVY of everyone on my side of the floor! Watch out 20th Floor, this one is NOT going in the fridge!!!! Will be VERY CAREFUL to only use it on special “lunch” occasions, or times when I am knitting on the roof top garden for lunch. It will also get to go on trips to the Napa Vineyards! :o) This thing is so darn cute!
  • Mardi Gras Feather Mask and Necklace in one of her favorite colors – teal
  • A CD with pdf patterns (eco-friendly -- no tree cutting here) - NICE! Will look through them after I put the book mark away.
Just when I thought I had opened everything, there were 4 patterns at the bottom of the box FROM MY QUEUE!! Remember the Knit Pick’s Gloss yarn?? Well, my original gift was suppose to be the Cloche, but the yarn was not behaving. She ordered both the yarn and the pattern, in advance. Since it didn’t work out, she made another item for me out of the yarn, and sent me the remaining yarn along with the patterns!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!
I am truly speechless.
To the moderators, I very humbly ask that you PLEASE consider her for the winner of this month’s swap. She went so far above and beyond what was required, or I even requested. She is so thoughtful of others, and uses her art to encourage those around her. She is a true Proverbs 31 woman with all that she does. I have had some serious life issues over the past month, including a home robbery and (4) teens that are trying our patience on EVERY level possible. EACH DAY has had so many “issues” of it’s own, and she was always there to encourage and spur me (and my husband) on, sharing some of her own experiences, including my 22 year old daughter having her second baby today. So, I honestly feel within the depths of my heart that she be the winner of this month’s swapper.
I am so encouraged and speechless……..

So without further ado ... here is what I made and sent to her:

Stacy & Stripes with a Silver  Crocheted "S" Charm
The Boxy Lady

Chocolate Love with a Detachable Flower Pin
p.91 Crochet Bag

Double Bloom Pin Cushion (this is the same pin cushion just has 2 sides)

Purple Flair Bookmark
Fan Bookmark

Set of "S" Stationary (label stickers, notepad, set of cards)

My Favorite Seasoning Out Here in the Sticks

Some Yarn

and a Mardi Gras Mask and Beads

I also sent her 4 patterns and a batch of my most AWESOME chocolate chip cookies. I am really glad she liked it all and that I FINALLY got to post about it.

The actual names of the patterns I used are listed below each picture.


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What an incredible experience -- glad it was me!! :o)

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