Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rainbow Swap Partners Gifts

 Okay I know I said I do not like double post but here we go anyway...

My swap buddy received  her package! This time with my favorite group on Ravelry called Feeling the Rainbow. This group is a secret swap ... which means that know one knows who is sending them something UNTIL they get the box. They also have various themes. This round was your partners favorite color.  Mine went to an awesome lady named JoAnn who likes green. Not my cup of tea but I enjoyed it anyway.

Here is what I sent...

The yarn

 The tawashis

The chevron scarf

The ear warmer 
(the embroidery is not so great but it was my first time)

The Hat
(she is a member of the Red Hat Society)

Blank cards & some stamps

A bottle of Lavender & Lily  scented oil, an oil warmer & set of Pattern Place Keepers

I never feel like I give enough and the hubby thinks I give TOO MUCH. lol. 


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