Saturday, August 28, 2010

This Sounds Fun …

Yesterday I received and email from Bernat Yarn telling me about this pretty interesting CAL
they are starting next month. It's called 

I was intrigued. Basically it is a CAL that you know NOTHING about. They have told me what yarn to buy and what the gauge is … but so far … that is it! Once you sign up and it begins they will post what to do on their blog. You only get a few rows (if that) a week until the blanket is complete. It will start September 21st and end on December 7th

I wanna do it!


All I need now is 19 skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky which will run about $60.00 (rounding up) from the website. The good thing is they are offering 25% off of the total if you buy it BEFORE the CAL starts. Don't ask me what that is because I don't know math is NOT my thing (that is why I married my hubby). So here is what MY problem is …


What colors do I choose?

The original designed used these colors 

Contrast A (6 balls )- We used 'Natural' (39008)


Contrast B (2 balls) - We used 'Forest' (39243)


Contrast C (2 balls) We used 'Topaz' (39514)


Contrast D (2 balls) We used 'Lavender' (39307)


Contrast E (7 balls) We used 'Fern' (39222)


Those seem nice and I would not mind using those BUT do I want to copy or be an Original

Here are the colors I was thinking...

Peacock Parade

Contrast A - 6 balls Emerald 39200


Contrast B - 2 balls Faded Denim 39114

Contrast C - 2 balls Dark Mauve 39323


Contrast D - 2 balls Rustic 39521 


Contrast E - 7 balls Black 39040


Autumn Love

Contrast A - 6 balls Black 39040


Contrast B - 2 balls Wine 39532


Contrast C - 2 balls Bronze 39609


Contrast D - 2 balls Pumpkin 39630


Contrast E - 7 balls Redwood 39522


 Which colors do you think I should use?  Are you going to sign up too? 

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