Thursday, August 19, 2010


As I sat knitting and watching a movie today ... something AWFUL happened...

The Tip of My Needle BROKE!

In the middle of a project no less. Can I just tell you that I was a little more than upset. It was a size 4 acrylic needle from that I was using for the SECOND time since I bought it two weeks ago. So I promptly called them prepared to have to fight with someone to get the results I wanted. But when I called someone {an actual person} NICE answered the phone. When I told the what happened, she asked for my info and looked up the order. Then ... without any prompting, fussing, or demanding from me she said {to my amazement} ...

" I am so sorry that that happened and I can tell you that it RARELY does. Would you like me to have the replacement needles sent to the same address on this order?"


Actual people answering phones? Nice people willing to help? Caring customer service? Did I ACTUALLY call a company? Needless to say I was shocked and VERY VERY pleased. I did not have to break out my 
 attitude to get the results I wanted. I am the person friends and family come to to fight with the phone company and what not when they are not getting the results they want. 

I may hate the fact that takes forever to ship ANYTHING but they now have a customer for life because of their EXCEPTIONAL customer service and wonderful products!



deltapurl said...

The whole 'this rarely happens' is not true....I need to call them now as a matter of fact, put I don't mind as much since they send the needles so quickly and they are so nice

debbie opon said...

dang girl, you have the best of luck! ha ha. anywho, how much do you love em acrylic needles? i am debating gettin em only cause i've been told that they make funny noises whilst knitting!? do you get that problem? i've also tried knitting with glass needles...ugh! never again...well, at least knitpicks customer service wasn't uber automated. who knew real ppl still operated behind the phone? lol.


Nicole ~ The Diva said...

Okay I bought the acrylic needles as well as the metal ones they sell because I am trying to figure out what interchangeable set I want. So far I have only used the acrylic ones due to the sizes I ordered.

But to answer you questions here is what I think:

-They do sorta make a funny squeaking noise while you are knitting but it is not that bad.

-I do like them but I probably will not buy the set because they feel a bit flimsy to me. I was worried when I first used them them that I would snap them in half ... instead I just broke a tip.

-I was VERY surprised to find people still knew how to ANSWER phones at a business.

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