Friday, September 24, 2010

Epic Fail Friday

I am not sure if a cake that TASTE great but does not look great is really a fail.
BUT ...
if the decoration
of the cake was the whole point of making the darn thing ...
I think it can be a FAIL.

I have been look at this Martha Stewart cake design for months now.
I kept telling myself I will FIND a reason to try it.
A reason never came.
So I said what the heck let's just try it today (last week).

I think maybe I should have kept waiting.
The size of the cake & the tip may be the reason it did not come out the way it should have.
Perhaps one day I will try it again. But I think I say that with everything and always end up finding something better to do.

On the up side ... the icing and cake* was Fabulous

* cake was not the same as Martha's

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