Monday, September 13, 2010

Make It Monday


For today's installment we have a very cute knit hat I call . . .
I have made two of these hat and they are both too small for me. But oh how I love them.
This was the first hat I made. It now belongs to my youngest.
I still need to add buttons to this one. One I do it will belong to my oldest.

 The patterns actual name is
I realized after the second on that I have to make the hat much larger than the pattern states. IT was not made to cover the ears like I like my hats to do. Plus my big head and thick hair means that I really do need to lengthen the hat before I get to the crow decreases. I will be making ANOTHER one and hopefully the third time is a charm.

1 comment:

sillyghirl said...

This hat can be a little tricky. Try a gauge test, then based on measurements, increase in height and width, and adjust decreases for crown. Good luck!!

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