Monday, October 4, 2010

Make It Monday ~ Cookies


I had planned a completely different post for today but I could not find my camera and still can't. So I am using a post I planned for something else.
Today I will show you how to cover cut out cookies with fondant WITHOUT corn syrup.

What You Need:
Cookie Cutters
Chilled Cut Out Cookie Dough
Royal Icing (optional)

What To Do:
Mix, roll out, and chill your favorite cookie dough.
Cut out the shapes you want and bake them per the dough's instructions.
While the cookies are baking is when you will prep the fondant...


If you wiggle the cutter a bit before picking it up it will help clean the edges of the shape.

The moment the cookies come out of the oven is when you want to place the fondant shapes on the HOT cookies.
You have a minute (maybe two) when they come out of the oven to place the shapes on the HOT cookies.

Placing the fondant on HOT cookies makes the fondant melt enough to adhere to the cookies. Doing this eliminates the need to "flood" the cookie with royal icing and what forever for it to dry.

Once the cookies cool you can embellish them with more fondant or royal icing details.
The cookie ninja was made with fondant and royal icing eyes.
The skeletons were piped with royal icing.

♥♥ Nicole ♥♥

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