Monday, October 11, 2010

Make It Monday

Halloween Window Clings
ghost. Drawn free hand.
Very simple, very cute, very easy.

What You Need:
Puff Paint
(the permanent fabric paint that dries puffy when you use it on shirts)
Paint Brushes
(one for each color)
Plastic Wrap, Plastic Cutting Board, Piece of Glass from an Old Frame or Wax Paper
(one of these things)
Halloween Images to Trace (optional)

What To Do:
1. Place your image UNDER whatever you are using to make your clings. In the picture I am using a plastic cutting board.

2. Use the puff paint and trace your image. Make the lines THICK.

3. Once you have traced everything. Place a glob of pain in the center of the picture. Place as many globs as you need to fill the picture.

4. Now take your paint brush and spread the paint around. You want to keep it as thick as possible and make sure there are no holes.
  • As you reach the lines to made while tracing, use your brush to blend some of the paint from the lines with the paint in the center.
  • If you are using multiple colors, make sure that they touch as much as possible without distorting your picture. This will keep the image together when it dries.

5. Let the pictures dry for several hours or overnight before removing.

6. Carefully pull the plastic (or whatever you used) from the cling.

7. Stick it on a window, frig, or anywhere it will stay and show off your holiday spirit.

dripping blood. Drawn free hand.

Few tips:

  • If you use wax paper or plastic wrap, tape it down so it does not slide or curl up in the middle of your work (trust me).
  • The thicker the paint is the thicker the cling will be. The ones I made are thin and stretch a bit but they still work. I am just afraid they will tear. So go thick.
  • These can also be made drawing the pictures free hand. Like the "blood" and the ghosts.
  • You can draw on these once they are dry with permanent marker.
  • DO NOT use Plexiglas for this. I tried it and thought it would work great ... FAIL.
  • Almost anything can be added to them while they are wet. Glitter, seed beads, color sand ... play with it and see.

  • This project will stain fabrics so be very careful when making things. Cover surfaces and wear clothes you would not mind messing up if you have an accident. 

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Back in the Bay said...

Another great idea! turned out really cute! happy halloween!

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