Thursday, October 14, 2010

They Did The Monster ...”Hat”?

This is the time of year that I start making the kids their winter hats and things. So when I asked my son what kind of hat he wanted this is what he told me...
"I want a purple chicken hat that goes RAAARRRHH"!

Lucky for me he seen the
Brain Monster pattern on Ravelry because I seriously had
NO idea what the HECK to do.

Monster with hair.

Isn't it cute?
It is suppose to have ear flaps which I still may do and the hair was my little touch. 
The eye is made of felt and stuffed a bit to make it "pop".
He loves it and has not stopped wearing it since I finished.
It is still between 75 & 80 degrees here but he is wearing his hat!
It is such a great feeling when people appreciate your work.
When it comes to my family, he is the one I know will love WHATEVER I make.
For now at least.



Back in the Bay said...

look at my baby! yes it is very cute! I love you sai sai!

EntwinedEssentials said...

That looks great Nicole. Your little man is growing so fast!!!

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