Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tips for New Knitters Like Me!

Everyone KNOWS that you are SUPPOSE to make a gauge swatch EVERY TIME you make something right?

Well, did you also know that you need to make a Circular Knitting Gauge if you plan to knit in the round (on circular needles or DPNs) which makes hats and what not.

The differences is quite simple.

When you knit a flat you are working on BOTH (right & wrong) sides of your work . You are also making two different (knit & purl) stitches to get stockinette stitch. This tends to make a slightly thicker gauge.

When you knit a in the round you are working on ONE (right) side of the work. You ONLY use the knit stitch which effortlessly makes stockinette stitch. This makes a slightly thinner gauge.

Here is a video and a link to written instructions on how to actually make a Circular Knitting Gauge.

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