Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where Is My Camera (and where am I)?

I've been away for awhile now haven't I?
I know and I am sorry...
But here is why...

I had been working on two major things ... 
 The Cake
and a baby shower gift set. The cake was done last week as you know. But I should have had the gift set done months ago but I procrastinated like crazy I was very busy and did not finish it until today. This is also the VERY last day I could mail it out.
So many of my regular/ daily duties kind of fell to the way side (imagine a living filled with clothes to be folded)


While I hustled to get all of those things done.
Now there have been plenty of things I wanted to tell you all but have not had the time.
I have also been BUZZING with Ideas for Halloween food and decor but have not been able to make anything due to time but mostly because...
I lost my *CUSS* camera!
My world has ended.
Now I do have a backup Point and shoot Kodak which I tried to use today {after many years}
Only to find that at some point My KiDs got to it and the battery cover was broken off ;0/
I fought with it for 15 minutes before it would stay close with batteries ACTUALLY inside!
On top of that ... the memory card was M.I.A.!
So I had to use the very small internal memory on the camera which held a WHOPPING
16 pictures!
I think I take 16 shots per item most times but not today.
Now for the icing on the cake...
I took the pictures of the baby shower stuff I was sending off just so I could at least have pictures for Ravelry
I can't get them off the camera ;0?
Here is why.
When I first bought the camera I told my hubby that we also need to buy the stupid Kodak docking station so that we could get the pictures off the camera.

But he, in his "infinite wisdom"
"We do not need to buy that. We have cords at home that we can hook it up to the computer with. And we can also just "take the card out" and put it into the computers and take the pictures off that way".
So rather than fighting with Mr. Smarty-Pants, I said fine and left it alone.
Only to get home and find out later that out of ALL the cords we had ... we did not have the right one for the camera.
And now...
Since there was NOT a memory card in the camera at the time I took the pictures...
I don't know how to get them off.
He also does not have any more "wisdom" for me either.

SO with all that said when I find my camera and buy a dock for the old one... I will post some pictures.



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