Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Come With Gifts ...Are You Still There?


It has been awhile since we talked.

But, I have a have a good excuse and I come baring TUTORIALS.
Does that make it a little better?

It might...?

Ok, do you remember when I told you that I was working on a big project around here?
That big project was my house. I have been living in this house for a year and half and have never really DONE anything to it.
I never painted or decorated.
I have kind of just had my stuff in here. I think that was because a part of me was always hoping that I would get the chance to move back home (to California) at any moment and I wanted to be ready since I really don't Kind of don't like it here.
But lately, I have realized that the family and I are doing BETTER out here then we were in California. I am actually beginning to settle in here.
It does not mean that I do not want to go home, just that I am not on the edge of my seat trying to leave anymore.
It is my FAVORITE time of the year!
the FIRST time I will be able to decorate
MY house for
(I was in Cali last year for Christmas)
So, I have been purging stuff I don't need, organizing the stuff I want to keep, and prepping this place for a few new coats of paint!
I can't have my decorations being overshadowed by clutter and dirty walls.
I also Was volunteered for acquired a new role in my life.
I Am now the PTO/PTA president for Cierra's school...
which brought on a whole new pile of things to do.
Even with all of this work I have still managed to craft and bake a little.
Here are some things I have worked on that you can try too.

*click on the links for the tutorials*

I am sorry I have been away for so long. I hope I did not lose anyone in the process.
I you all and Happy Thanksgiving!


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