Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

Yay... it is finally the time of year when you can eat 3 or 4 servings of ANYTHING and people don't judge me anyone.
MY favorite time of the year!

I hope in the mist of all the eating and game watching...
(there are games on today right?)
that you take the time to remember what you are thankful.

As for me, I am grateful for many things...
  • My beautiful well behaved wonderful kids
  • My super awesome hubby
  • My wonderful friends local and far away
  • My family in Cali who I miss dearly
  • My NEW edible ink printer
  • My awesome baking skills (yeah, I said it)
  • My house even though it is in the wrong place
  • My hubby's job because it could be worse in this economy
  • My ber craftiness (yup ... I said it again)
All of You
My super cool readers.
Thanks for sticking around and Happy Thanksgiving.

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