Monday, March 21, 2011

Make It Monday and an Explanation

I never really know how to start a post after being away for so long. And being away since Dec. 20th 2010 is a long time, no?
I guess the best thing to do is just jump right in and tell you why I have been away for so long.
Actually, it might be easier to show you the main reason...

Yup, that is right...
I swallowed a watermelon seed.
I know we are not supposed to do it and I heard about the consciences ... 
but I never listen.

Okay, just kidding.
I'm pregnant with baby number 4.
As of today I am 5 months and days pregnant with no bloody end in sight.
I am due to have my 3rd girl August 17th, 2011.
We are very excited and ready for all of this "fun part" to be over.

So why has this stopped me from blogging you ask?
Well, the first three months I was really sick and always sleeping. Now the sickness is pretty much gone but the sleepy is not. I have also lost my desire to craft, cook, bake and blog.
I mean seriously.
I have not touched yarn or my sewing machines (except to put it away) since December. I only still cook because the family and I need to eat more than McDonald's, watermelons, and bagged salads every day. Although, I don't really see it as a problem ... the hubby does. And the baking, well I have not wanted to do it at all either, but since two of my kids birthday's are in the beginning of the year ... I have not really had a choice.
Now with the lack of crafting ... I lacked things to post about. Not only did the lack of topics keep me away but it was also several bad discoveries.
What am I speaking of you may ask?
Well, a few times during the month of December I found some blogs (some that I read and others I did not) had swiped my stuff and claimed it as their own!
I know right?
And since these other blogs were more popular than my own (follower wise) they received the praise, even though you can clearly see (date wise) who posted the idea first.
Who might these offenders be you ask? Well, I won't tell because point the finger and yelling "you did it" in a public forum is just as bad as the "borrowing without asking or proper credit".
Needless to say it was very disheartening and made we want to keep my ideas to myself.
So there you have it. The reason I have been away for so long.
To be quite honest, I still have NO desire to craft anything (except for things on my Silhouette I finally got one last month) which still leaves me with the lack of stuff to share with you all. So, I don't know when I will get back to my regularly scheduled blog posting.
I do however; have a little something for you now.

The pictures are AWFUL but it will have to do.

I made this cake for my DH coworker. She got married on Sunday and asked if I would be willing to whip something up for her. It is going to be a small shotgun wedding so it was my gift to her.
It is a devil's food cake with vanilla butter cream roses. I somehow lost the page out of my Better Homes and Garden cookbook that had the recipe for the cake on it so I found one online.

I did a search for a recipe and his looked to be the best. I based on the batter ... I was NOT wrong.
Oh and boy was it M-O-I-S-T! Moist and tender and and and...
Basically I will have to make another one someday because the hubby and I were both fighting back the desire to cut it. I am by no means a chocolate fan ... I kinda hate the stuff ... but that cake looked tasty. I think it was more the baby then it was me.
The idea for the cake came from baker who I LOVE TO HATE.
(I love the things she does but hate the fact that I did not think of it first)

It is a simple yet every elegant idea. It is also great for bakers like me who no matter HOW HARD they try the stupid icing NEVER gets smooth enough.

I have talked your ear off and am just pretty much tired of typing so I am going to say farewell for now... Until I bake or create something again.
Hmmm... I kinda like that.




debbstar22 said...

glad to have you back on the bloggy end of things, nicole. however, i AM super shocked that you don't feel the need to craft?! WTH! i guess you don't really need to nest cause, well, you probably already are nested, lol.

also, nice cam. what kind is it?


Nicole ~ The Diva said...

Oh debbs ...I am SOOO nesting. Except this time it is in the form of home repair. I want to paint every room a new color, rip up the carpet and put down laminate wood floors, build new rooms, and decorate a nursery.

Oh and the cam is a sony something. It is really old and I am ready for a new one.

Jenny said...

Tried to email you back through your blogger email but it doesnt work so I will leave a comment here.

Hi Nicole, your too sweet. I created those owls for The Crafts Meow.

You can find them at that link :) :)

Thank you for the sweet compliments on my blog!! Glad to have you!!

:) :) :) Jenny

Jenny said...

Your email is still not working for me, might want to change that on your blogger profile. :)

Heres my message:

Aww your welcome!! :) :) :) I like california but I miss home!! :) :) :)
thats why not by choice LOL!! im still awesome lol!!

:) :) :) HUGS!

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